Farming in Ghana has become more fun in this twenty-first century because of technology. Technology is transforming the agriculture industry by disrupting the traditional methods of farming and providing a real-time solution to a plethora of problems facing smallholder farmers such as difficult access to farm inputs, volatile weather and climate change, credit and market inaccessibility etc. 

Ghana’s population is estimated to double by 2050. As such, the single most important need for the country will be food and how to produce enough to feed herself and also to export to other countries. 

Ghana is among few countries in Africa after Nigeria and Kenya with a promising agritech start-up niche that has attracted the most investment. Through seed funds from investors such as Mest, Master Card Foundation, Zayed Sustainability Prize, Kosmos Innovation Center, WorldBank, Africa Development Bank, and many others, Agritech start-ups tackle and address bottlenecks in Agriculture comprising logistics and traceability, food preservation, food wastage, access to data, financing and supply chain. 

Ghana has in recent times advanced in the agritech space and has become a hub for building solid startups by young brilliant entrepreneurs with outstanding innovations. Going forward into 2021 and beyond these start-ups in Ghana are set to transform the way farming is done in Sub-Saharan Africa. 


Complete Farmer 

Complete Farmer is a crowd farming platform that makes it easy for anyone to sit in the comfort of their homes to own a farm, monitor and manage the farm in exchange for guaranteed returns on investment. With IoT and climate-smart farming technologies, Complete Farmer makes it possible for any person to own a farm without having to dirty themselves. Their unique platform provides a dashboard where the individual can invest, monitor the progress of the farm, and get paid the profit accrued after harvesting, all on their mobile device. Founded in 2017, the company currently has crowd farmers from six continents. The company’s main office is in Accra, East Legon, No. 3 Abease Street. FInd out more about Complete Farmer. 


SAYeTECH Company Limited

SAYeTECH Company Limited is an Engineering company that designs and builds smart agricultural machinery suited for African use and conditions. The company’s flagship product is called the multi-crop thresher which can thresh most cereal crops grown in Africa including beans, soybean, maize, sorghum, millet etc. Besides the multi-crop thresher, SAYeTECH also designs and markets other innovative farm machinery such as 4/6 tonnes Cereal Dryer, Harmer Mills for Poultry Feed Processing, and Cereal Grain Cleaner. The farm machinery can also be monitored remotely on an app. SAYeTECH is helping smallholder farmers reduce human drudgery in the threshing phase, preventing post-harvest losses and also increasing farmers’ income. Contact SAYeTECH and place your order for affordable multi-crop threshers and designs.

Agroseal Ghana Limited

Agroseal Ghana Limited is a commodity trading company that is empowering smallholder farmers in the fruit and vegetable industry through a reliable and convenient technological market linkage. Agroseal makes it easy for farmers to sell their fresh fruits and vegetables thereby reducing post-harvest losses by connecting them to restaurants, hotels, supermarkets, processing companies, and exporters. Agroseal’s core business is to produce, process, and trade fruits and vegetables through an efficient digital platform. Contact Agroseal Ghana Limited to know about their operations in Ghana and Africa. 

DigiExt Inc.

DigiExt Inc is a one-stop-shop for all agricultural extension services for smallholder farmers in underserved areas of Africa. The data-driven and technology incorporation offers a bouquet of digital innovations to achieve sustainable development for rural agriculture. The company provides detailed agricultural extension services by employing highly sophisticated data-gathering tools such as satellites, drones, and sensors to deliver real-time solutions to data-driven farming practices to rural farmers at low cost. The team is working to make farming convenient for rural farmers in the aspect of pest and disease monitoring, commodity trading, access to farm inputs and machinery, and agro-processing. DigiExt’s current innovation helps farmers increase their income by processing farm waste into paper-based products. The company aims to deliver quality but cheap agricultural technology to farm households in Africa through financial inclusion. Contact DigiExt to learn more about their product and services.


Agromyx is a group of processing firms that seek to find the solution to post-harvest losses in the fruit and vegetable industry. The company works directly with smallholder farmers by setting up processing factories in rural areas to process highly nutritious food products to tackle malnutrition and obesity in Africa and beyond. Working with local farmers, the team obtains fresh farm produce from farmers at farmgate for processing. Currently, the company has processing factories that process tomatoes, black velvet, tamarind, baobab, and mangoes into powder to be supplied to restaurants and hotels. They as well process cereals into instant meals, rich in vitamins and minerals by incorporating fruits and vegetables. The aim is to promote the consumption of healthy nutritious food products to reduce obesity and malnutrition while providing jobs and improving rural livelihoods. Contact Agromyx to learn more about their operations.

AcquahMeyer Drone Tech Ltd.

AcquahMeyer is a drone technology company with an ambition to become the answer to all crop pest management and plant nutrition problems in Africa and beyond. Present in more than thirteen(13) regions in Ghana, the company deploys specialized drones for services for all aerial spraying activities for plant protection and nutrition, crop scouting, and farm mapping. Notable among them is the innovative farm birds scaring technology used in the form of scarecrows to protect pest attacks on crops. Also, the company provides quality agro-input supply services for farmers. AcquahMeyer aims to become a global tech industry that helps fix the huge agricultural production deficit in Africa through its operations. Contact AcquahMeyer to learn more about their operations.


Kwidex is an Agfin company that allows everyday people to sponsor agricultural projects through its web crowdfunding platform. With their easy-to-use web user interface, farmers and individuals in the agric value space can upload farm or agribusiness projects for interested individuals to fund the project and in return earn a reasonable income through profit sharing at the end of the project. The work of the team is to facilitate the aggregation of the money, monitor the progress of the projects, and provide relevant updates and also facilitate payment of contributors. By this innovation, a critical challenge of farmers such as inaccessibility to funding is curtailed thereby increasing agricultural operations that consequently reduce hunger and poverty in Africa. Contact Kwidex to know more, invest, and earn extra income on the side

As a way of supporting local industries we encourage stakeholders, industry players and the government to help promote patronage of these hardworking startups to scale.