Agriculture in Ghana has seen transformation over the years. Gradually, farming is transitioning from the era of hoes and cutlasses to a more digitally and technologically oriented regime. Farming in sub-Saharan Africa has been subsistence where farmers grow food to feed their immediate families. However, considering the ever-increasing population with many mouths to feed the challenge to alleviate rural poverty and hunger beckons on our ingenuity to develop digital innovative solutions that underpin agricultural productions in Africa. In Ghana, young entrepreneurs are disrupting the entire agriculture value chain with digital technology with innovative tools. The goal of the adoption of digital technology is to produce much with limited resources in a sustainable food system development.

The president of the African Development Bank, Dr. Adesina Akinwumi asserted that “the future of African young people lies in the prosperous and inclusive Africa and there is no other sector that has greater power to create growth than the Agricultural sector”. Leveraging the power of technology is making farming ‘sexy’ to the youth. Agricultural companies and startups are solving multifaceted problems in the agricultural value chain ranging advisory services, climate-smart agriculture, post-harvest losses, agricultural financing, crop and animal protection, farm tenure, access to farm machinery, equipment, and agro-input, traceability, access to market, etc.

Ghana currently hosts about 30 AgriTech companies and startups spread across the length and breadth of the country. Let’s take a journey to know in brief, the work and operations of these companies and startups who are making life easier for farmers in Ghana and Africa.

Esoko is one of the first Agritech companies to emerge in Ghana. Established in 2008, Esoko has remained the leader in deploying hi – tech digital tools to help small holder farmers in Africa, maximize production. Esoko is a technology-driven company that focuses on content services to farmers through data collection and profiling as well as service delivery. Over the years, Esoko has developed digital tools and services to help farmers, agribusinesses, and development organizations reach rural communities with solutions that help improve their livelihoods. Esoko now provides connections to over one million farmers to essential services such as weather forecasts, agronomic advice, market linkages, and insurance coverage. Read more about Esoko and contact them.

Syecomp Ghana Limited
Syecomp Ghana limited is an agricultural intelligence tech company that deploys in-depth knowledge by advance geospatial analytics, machine learning and remotely sensed data to make better decisions. The company employs space technology to provide data-driven tools, credit solutions, and climate-smart technologies. Syecomp through innovative technology provides farmers and agribusinesses with localized digital solutions, smart sourcing(traceability) solutions project co-design, and out-grower management. Established since 2010 in Ghana, Syecomp has served many rural farmers in Ghana through hyper-localized weather forecasting and farm mapping. Gradually the company is gaining ground and has recently launched their flagship innovative lending platform dubbed Mfarmpay that is unlocking agricultural lending to underserved smallholder farmers in Ghana. Find out more about Syecomp Ghana Limited.

Farmerline is a social software company with a mission to transform millions of small holder farmers in Africa. Farmerline uses an innovative software called MergData which updates farmers on weather, market price, and quality farm inputs. The software connects farmers to markets, finance, weather forecasts, advisory services, input dealers and equipment services through SMS and voice messages directly to farmers’ phone in local languages. The software application can be downloaded on google play store. Find out more about farmerline.

Trotro Tractors Limited is a Ghanaian farm equipment firm that deals in the production and maintenance of farm machinery and mechanization. Trotro Tractor Limited (TTL) help rural farmers to request, prepay and schedule for agricultural machinery services on a feature phone or smart phones.
Tractor owners can also monitor the efficiency of their machines remotely using the Trotro Tractor mobile applications, USSD platform and the web portal.
Find out more about TTL on their website.

Sesi Technologies is a farm technology firm that develops affordable hardware technologies for farmers and businesses across the Agric value chain to help them increase productivity and reduce losses. One of the tools produced by Sesi Technologies is the GrainMate which is the Grain Moisture Meter that determines the Moisture quantity in grains and suggests the best storing method. Find out more about Sesi technologies and contact them.

AgroCenta is a technology company that provides farmers complete access to the market finance through digital platforms. AgroCenta entirely eliminate middlemen who a ‘headache’ to hardworking crop producers through an innovative platforms AgroPay and AgroTrade. While AgroTrade links producers directly to farmers, AgroPay helps producers who trade on the AgroTrade platform to access financing using digitally generated transaction history, thus derisking farmers. The company does all these through their mobile apps, Cropchain and Lendit which can be easily downloaded and currently has over 48000 farmers signed unto the platform. Find out more about Agrocenta and their Apps on their website.

Agro Innova is an agriculture technology firm that provides software tools and technology platforms that helps poultry farmers manage their farms and link them to a wider guarantee market. AgroInnova, with its product AKOKOTAKRA, is an enterprise mobile and web-based management system that allows poultry farmers to record, monitor, and track their operations in real time. With this innovative and comprehensive tool, poultry farm managers have their farms “at their fingertips” for more effective and efficient operations. Find out more about Agroinnova.

Okuafo Foundation
Okuafo Foundation is Ghana’s first winner of the global Zayed Sustainability prize 2020. The Okuafo Foundation was established in 2017 to provide solution to pest diseases in crops and using Artificial Intelligence (AI) software called Okuafo AI. The software is design to detect whether the crop is infected with pest or not and then suggest a possible solution. They are located at East Legon , Accra. Find out more about Okuafo Foundation.

Farm Cure
Farm cure is a Ghanaian owned brand that seeks to help farmers in the best way and eradicate pests on farms in the best way. Farm cure limited has developed software to help identify pest attacks and prescribe the best pesticide and the best farming practice to curb the situation. The software also determines the severity of the pest infection.
Farm cure is located at 198 Osu Badu Crescent, West Airport, Accra. Email;

AniTrack provides livestock management software that uses RFID (radio-frequency identification) technology to identify and track the health status of individual livestock.
AniTrack secured the investment of livestock owners by using very simple sensor technologies to build wearable devices to enable livestock farmers to track the location and health status of the livestock. The device alerts and notifies farmers immediately in the even of any issues and link them to appropriate animal services. Find out more about AniTrack
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